VideoPal Review

VideoPal Review

With VideoPal, you can:

• Get more visitors to stay on your site longer, so you can engage with them longer!

• Get new subscribers added to your lists seamlessly & automatically or by pasting some simple code (with more native autoresponder / support coming soon!)

• Convey any message you want to any visitor, regardless of how they’re visiting your website -desktop or mobile!

• Leverage viral content on sites that you do not even own to your advantage – use it to get more subscribers and/or traffic to your website!

• Offer coupons, bonuses & other incentives to get visitors on your list or to make a purchase!

• And whole lot more!VideoPal Review

VideoPal helps you connect & interact with site visitors in ways that pop-ups, widgets and other web conversion tools simply cant.
It enables you to reach out to your visitors & get their attention.
Then it helps them to take a certain desired action like get on your list, click a buy button, and more!
With its cutting-edge digital animation, video & the revolutionary dynamic life-like text-to-speech technology that’s incredibly easy to use, anybody can create a custom avatar that fits your personality and/or brand identity!
Select from a wide selection of male or female avatars (live, 2D and 3D-animated) as well as 47 different voices, accents & over 24 languages (additional options are available)!
You can even use your own video and/or voice-overs to create your avatars! (Watch the demo below!)
Video Pal’s revolutionary life-like text-to-speech technology enables you to generate clean, smooth, and well-spoken speech from any text script in 24 languages and with over 47 voices (male and female) & even various English accents!
This eliminates the need to hire expensive voice-overs, while giving you tremendous flexibility for geo-specific marketing!
Have your own video or voice-over track that you want to use instead of text-to-speech? Simply upload it to Video Pal and it’ll create your avatar for you! You can even record your voice-overs directly with Video Pal on the fly! Who Should Use Video Pal?
Video Pal’s easy interface requires no technical experience or special skills. Just copy and paste the code snippet generated by the app into your website and you’re done.

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